Thursday, October 24, 2013

The pain you cause

Many people never see the pain they cause others because they never stick around for the aftermath. But for those of us that do stick around for the aftermath, we know the pain we cause, we see it in that persons conversation, in their actions in their behavior. The things we don't see are the internal workings of that person. We don't see the defense mechanisms that were triggered. We don't see the scorn and the anger that has begun to build because of our actions, we don't see the scars that will never heal. This will not be a long post, this will be a simple piece of advice, before you spark up that conversation that you know you shouldn't be sparking up, before you get involved with that man or woman that you have not business being involved with, before you tell that lie, to cover your ass, think past that moment think past the pleasure, think past your ego, think past your fear. Think deep into the heart of the person you are involved with, think in the future aftermath of your choices. Put yourself their and realize that the pain you cause in the end will not only be theirs but your own.

The god

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